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What Does it Take to be A Credible Digital Marketer?

What Does it Take to be A Credible Digital Marketer?

We see people banding around ‘Digital Marketer’ as a profession all too often. What does it actually take to be deemed as a credible digital marketer?

Dabbling with a business’ social media account makes me a digital marketer, right?

I wrote a blog therefore I’m a digital marketer, right?

I built a website and dabble in SEO as a result therefore I’m a digital marketer, right?

There is more to it than that and it’s sometimes insulting seeing the various capacities people adopt to justify a claim to be digital marketers. There is much, MUCH more to the spectrum than this and that. It’s no longer an industry that businesses are dubious to invest in. Especially with us as we can prove results and more importantly you can see them. You can no longer ‘blag’ it, but still many people do.

We’ve trained for nearly 8 years and we don’t know everything. We never will.

However, when we see someone who uses the title ‘digital marketer’ that has popped up overnight, we cringe.

It’s not about slandering, it’s about recognising that you do something in the digital world, but you are NOT a digital marketer. It’s frustrating as a business we employ the services of this ‘digital marketer’, will no doubt be unsatisfied at the results. Why? It’s once again be an amateurish ‘dabble’. Thus leaving a bad taste and lack of trust in the world of digital marketers.

Be one if you are one. Don’t claim to be one just because you think you are one.

Don’t be one because you can see the industry in booming and you’re simply jumping on that bandwagon.

Think of it this way. You have a car and you put some oil in it once. You are NOT a mechanic and you do not know everything. You undertook a small task on a car. You wouldn’t try and fix the engine or the gearbox, would you? Same goes…

We’ve worked hard to gain credibility and recognition. This year marks our 8th year of trading. Last year we picked up 2 awards. It’s what we do. If we can fix an engine or a gearbox, we can sure as heck top up the oil. It doesn’t work the other way around.

Acknowledge this and respect this. You can’t claim to offer a specialist service because what you think you are offering is special. We are massive advocates of collaboration. If there’s an opportunity to work together, let’s do it! We’re simply saying if you’ve no idea what you’re doing and know somebody can do it better, talk! Don’t have a bash, there is so much more at stake than you’ll realise. We’re talking from a client perspective of course.

Our brand is built on success and hard work This lead to more success and we work even harder to be even more successful. We love what we do.

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