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Digital Marketing Apprenticeship – Hazel’s Blog – The DM Lab

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

The DM Lab would like to introduce you to our newest apprentice – Hazel!

Hazel did work experience at The DM Lab when she was in year 10 and really enjoyed it. So, after doing her A-Levels she decided to do a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship though The Development Manager.

A bit about Hazel…

One of her main interests is football. she’s been playing since the age of 7 which led to her referring for a year. Hazel and her family are all huge Liverpool fans. she is also a massive movie buff and love marvel. She has watch all the films with her dad. Also she helps run a youth group which she finds a lot of fun.

She has just finished her first week here and has experienced working on many different areas of digital marketing. She has learnt many different skills and can’t wait to learn more. The first thing she looked at was Google Ads. Learning about what good keywords are and writing reports on how some Ads were doing. She has also looked at the SEO of websites and what a good SEO title and meta descriptions looked like. Even doing some herself using the Yoast SEO plugin. She has also done a few courses on Google Skill Shop. This really helped her understand what we were doing and why. A new task she has just started is to do the redirects of a website.

However, she was tasked to create a Google Ad, choosing all the keywords her self. Then had to write Ad headlines and descriptions. Making sure they were the right length and had important keywords in them. The next thing she had to do was the extensions. The thing she found most difficult this week was trying a bit of CSS. Figuring out how to change the colour of different thing and stuff like that was hard as it was a completely new thing for her.

Overall, Hazel has said,

“My first week at The DM Lab has been amazing, the staff are great and have been very helpful, I cant wait to see where this digital marketing apprenticeship will take me”.