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The DM Lab Brand & Name

We’re quite particular about our brand.

We know how to express and present it. The DM Lab are not just any old digital marketing agency. We are THE Digital Marketing Laboratory. Not ‘the DM labs’, not ‘DM labs’ not any variation other than The DM Lab. Trust us, we’ve seen a few variations!

It’s in our logo!

The DM Lab Logo - A Micro Business

We know that Facebook dropped the ‘The’ in its early days. They are what they are, so it’s cool that they dropped it. There’s a time and a place for the word ‘the’.

“The is used to point forward to a following qualifying or defining clause or phrase.”

We separate ourselves from the crowd by being a ‘The’ as opposed to an ‘a’. We’re not generic, run of the mill or another. We are The DM Lab. The Digital Marketing Laboratory. It’s not only important that we differentiate from others and declare ourselves as The DM Lab. Plus, the word ‘The’ plays a huge role in the symmetry of our logo. 2 3-letter words either side of our square ‘DM’, which, if it’s unclear still, stands for Digital Marketing.

When referring to us, it’s important to, at the very least, refer to the company correctly and in full. As a reminder, it’s in our logo!

Let’s say your business is, for arguments sake, is called ‘Business’. Why then would we refer to you as ‘The Business’ or worse still, as many do, make it plural to ‘The Businesses’. Ours is the opposite. The ‘The’ isn’t optional and we certainly are not plural.

The DM Lab - Correct Name

It’s not a ranty blog. More for clarification purposes and a bit of light hearted banter. We’ve already abbreviated the name. You don’t need to refer to us as The Digital Marketing Laboratory, just The DM Lab – but please, no variations on this! Especially not ‘dm labs!’

We’ve built the brand, remained consistent since and been around since 2014