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The DM Lab Christmas Jumper Day Fundraiser

Our Christmas Jumper Day has taken a new direction…

Creative Director Dale’s son Nate (aged 7 and a half) is keen to get involved in Christmas Jumper Day. He’s a good lad, he knows there are kids in need around the world. He’s seen the adverts that pop up on TV.

He was so excited when our works fundraising kit from Save the Children came in the post on Saturday. He wanted to have first pick of the sweepstakes that were enclosed as fundraising ideas. Which got us thinking.

Let’s do our own sweepstake!

In aid of Save the Children of course. Dad and Nate sat down together thinking of ideas similar to the ones in the fundraising pack. So this is what we’ve come up with. Nate was asked to write down as many things he could think of that he wanted for Christmas. That was easy! We whittled it down to 19 and dad chose something that he didn’t ask for. However you have to choose the one thing he didn’t actually ask for. In exchange we ask for a donation. Anything you want. A penny or a pound. If your guess is correct, you win this Thorntons limited edition Christmas selection. A small offering but it might help get a few guesses in.

Next level Christmas Jumper Day effort

Christmas Jumper Day

Nate has, as you will see, hand crafted (with help obviously) this festive monstrosity! Rudolph spewing christmas decorations. Fairplay. He is really keen to raise a few pennies on behalf of both himself and The DM Lab.

Rules are:

A pick each in exchange for a donation. Donate however you want – we’ll collect all monies and send them by 22nd. You can post us your pennies, PayPal or donate via text message. Details of that one are here. On Christmas Jumper day (Friday December 15th) we will reveal all and send the prize out. Every time somebody chooses and commits, we’ll add your name to the graphic and the blog. Should we not get enough entries and no one choose the correct one, we’ll chuck all the entrants names into a jar and pick somebody to receive the chocolates and The DM Lab will donate the cost of the prize to Save The Children.

Chris and Dale, the in-house team at The DM Lab will be joining in Christmas Jumper Day. Nate’s external help was a result of him being a top young man. Wanting to help other in need. We had to embrace it and let’s face it, you’re sick of us two asking for money this year!

The list of stuff is as follows. Just to note however, he won’t be getting most of this list, but don’t tell him that!


Minecraft Stuff

PS4 Pro

Xbox One Pete Simpkins £5

Nintendo Switch

Radio Controlled Car Vanessa Casey £2


Electric Scooter Alex Tyler £2


Star Wars Stuff Kelly Bunce £2

Nerf Guns

Laser Tag  Phyllis Tyler £2

Chocolate Chris Tipping £2

Rugby Stuff

Mario Stuff Kath Thomas £2

Video Games

Mobile Phone Stacey Tipping £10

Steam Credit

Zombie Stuff

MP3 Player

Spotify Premium

For more details – see our other blog about Christmas Jumper Day 2017.

Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day