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The DM Lab – A Digital Marketing Agency

The DM Lab – A Digital Marketing Agency

Hi and thanks for stopping by to find out more about The DM Lab. We’re a Digital Marketing Agency based here in Hereford. We wanted to let you know what we’re all about and what we can offer.

There’s no hard sale here, instead here is a little about us and what we love doing. Plus a bit about why we do it. Think we can add value to your business and you’d like to find out more? Or see the full range of marketing sevices we offer? Perhaps are interested in working with us, please get in touch! We’ll arrange a call or meet up.

A Quick Business Overview of The DM Lab

When we first started out, we began by working with businesses outside of the county. Nationwide and globally as luck may have it. As we felt we were too ‘new’ and had not yet established a reputation to secure any local work. As we were very aware we were not the only ones doing what we do in the early days. We succeeded, establishing a good client base in a variety of fields and in doing this and now we are working with several large businesses locally. These include RRA Architects, West Mercia Air Conditioning, Oldfield Forge, Titania, Oakea and Eat Sleep Live Herefordshire. Plus others like The Courtyard, Herefordshire FA, Henryka, Canwood Gallery and Prolease Finance to name a few.

We have whole heartedly reinvested back into the local community. Helping several sports clubs with sponsorships and assistance. These include Luctonians, Greyhound RFC, Belmont Wanderers FC and more recently Ledbury FC. We are looking to raise our credentials further so we can do more locally with both businesses, events and sports clubs.

A Brief History of The DM Lab

Following the creation of the company during the economic downturn. Out of necessity due to circumstances (an untimely redundancy). The 2 directors have been working tirelessly. Against the odds-on occasions to sustain the business for several years. Established in 2010, we rebranded in 2014 to The DM Lab. Where we continued to really focus the business to a Digital Marketing Agency. Most local companies were offering web design services and so avoided saturating the market further. Reevaluating our skillsets and business direction and since then we have grown steadily.

We are gaining more recognition in the county. Which is what we wanted but realistically could not achieve in the early days. We were not restricted by geographical location because of the nature of our work (digital marketing). So we are able to communicate efficiently and productively through Skype, email and our preferred method of Basecamp. An online project management tool our ISO 9001:2015 certification is based around. Now we have ‘proved our worth’. The time and effort we invested in establishing ourselves quietly, ‘under the radar’ if you like, is paying us back. Both working with local companies we could only have dreamed of in the early days. In addition to this growing, creating even more exciting opportunities for our business.

Can you work with me?

The DM Lab works in sectors from software to furniture. Delivering high level strategies and consultancy, through multi-channel and blended marketing. That previous statement can sound very scary to some. The same as using PPC, SEM, SEO. We break that barrier down and make it simple for clients to understand. This is exactly us we believe in “making brilliant marketing simple”. Through recession we have built a streamlined digital marketing agency that would rival leading companies. We aim to adapt, change and educate all those we have the pleasure of meeting.

The DM Lab’s Business Growth

Years of hard work to break even has proved fruitful recently. We grew significantly in the last financial year and look set to increase this by a further 20% this financial year. It is this substantial growth that we are currently exploring opportunities. Both office relocation and taking on additional staff and apprentices. We are a Digital Marketing Agency that is going places!

The business has made profit in the last two years and is continuing to grow. The first 6 months of 2017 has seen substantial client growth and the company is now working with businesses that have million pound plus budgets.

What We Do to Ensure We Deliver A High Standard of Customer Service and How We Measure it

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and have been for some time now/. Which means our management processes are of a high standard which is in turn reflected in the quality of work we produce. Despite being small, we aspire to be big. To pave the way for that potential success we are taking every step possible to enable this to happen. After several years of fine tuning our processes we are fortunate enough to have not fallen short. For ANY of our clients, both in and out of the county. Our reputation is very important to us. With the expected growth we are forecast we are striving all the time to be better and to do better.

LinkedIn, Facebook and Google reviews will all verify this, as well as an extensive catalogue of positive testimonials.

Customer service is one thing. Our results from marketing are reflected in the readily, and freely, available Google Analytics. We fail a customer by failing at marketing, neither of which we have. Our reputation is based on our clients’ success. It is paramount to us that we do not let fail. Not even once. The purpose of working with us, investing in us is that we will in turn grow YOUR business. If your business is based in Herefordshire will benefit us, you AND the county itself.

What Have We Achieved Over The Last 12 Months?

It may not seem like an achievement breaking into the local market and securing local clients but it is something we always strived to do but were always aware, especially in our early days, that there were more established companies, not necessarily better, but this alone was appeal enough to potential clients. As a Digital Marketing Agency, we are looking to build relationships within the local market.

We honed our trade outside of the county and within the last 12 months, we feel we have gained enough notoriety and a good reputation to the point that local businesses are seeking us out – which is always been what we wanted to achieve. The 2 directors are Herefordshire born and bred so to have set up and grown a business in our home town and gained substantial recognition would mean the world to us.

Last Word…

Besides earning a living from the company we have set up, we are very keen to be a part of anything that we can get involved in locally.

On an annual basis we donate tickets to Circus Starr, our directors take part in local events that raise money for charity, including half marathons and cycling events. Sponsorship is an area we are actively and heavily involved in. We have a corporate sponsorship with Luctonians Sports Club as well as assisting them with marketing and growth, we are a sponsor of Greyhound RFC which we also assist with their marketing and growth, one of our directors is Head of Development at Belmont Wanderers Football Club of which we are sponsors and again assist in any way we can with their marketing and growth and more recently we are working with Ledbury RFC with a sponsorship agreement as well as assisting them as a club.

There are many facets to our business, it is not just a money-making commodity to us, it is the vehicle to be able to put back in and get involved with clubs and events in Herefordshire and we have a passion to be more involved