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The DM Lab & UKFast – Case Study

The DM Lab is a UKFAST Partner Offering Premium Hosting Services

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Today marks 5 years, to the day, we have been a UKFast Partner.

This is what Chris Tipping, Marketing Director at The DM Lab, had to say about our relationship with UKFast. Covering what they offer and how it has improved our business.

In this modern age, every business working online will come to rely on how powerful its digital footprint is. The importance of harnessing the skills of a digital marketing team has become indisputable, as the world puts more and more focus on social media, SEO and PPC.

The DM Lab helps to develop a company’s plans for growth through a series of internet-based marketing tools that are so effective, we have picked up a number of nominations, accreditations and awards.

Working with clients of all sizes – from a local pest control company to international software developers – The DM Lab knew it needed a reliable hosting provider that could offer constant resilience and support to back up its complex solutions, so began hosting its clients’ websites on a dedicated server with UKFast.

Marketing Director at The DM Lab, Chris Tipping, explained the fundamental importance of having a solid relationship with a hosting provider. He said:

“It’s a vital tool within our company – the second most important thing to money. Without the server, without the hosting and without the security, we could not supply the package we provide. UKFast supply such a clever and speedy platform; we’ve found that its helped traffic and ranking for lots of our clients’ websites, and their page load times have more than doubled in speed.”

Working with and becoming a UKFast Partner has not only helped The DM Lab’s clients to soar to success. Chris said:

“When this business started in 2010, for two years we had a tiny turnover. In the year that we started working with UKFast, the turnover increased 198% and that was as a direct result of the partnership. We started off with less than ten clients in 2013; now we’re nearing 100. It’s phenomenal. Without UKFast being involved, we couldn’t have grown the way we have.”

The success is a stark contrast to the one experienced by The DM Lab when it hosted with an American-based provider. Chris said:

“We experienced really bad customer service, and there was so much downtime. As we grew, we realised the server wasn’t compatible with our software. But when we asked about upgrading it just wasn’t an option. We knew that to be able to move forward, we had to find a professional company that we can rely on to support our direction – just like UKFast.”

When one of The DM Lab’s backup servers became swamped with information and began to affect the functionality of its clients’ email systems, Chris experienced first-hand the dedication and tenacity of UKFast’s tech support team. He said:

“I completely panicked, because I had really worried clients on the phone. I rang UKFast’s support team, and there was no messing about – within 30 minutes the problem was sorted. It was an instant fix. You wouldn’t get that kind of service from any other hosting company.

“It showed my clients that I’m not offering small, simple solutions here – they’re big, and they’re serious. And it’s improved my brand, because we’re not just a small, local company anymore. We’re a small company working with national businesses. We’re able to provide high level hosting which is really hard to come by.”

The DM Lab aims to continue its massive growth once again this year, and Chris feels safe in the knowledge that no matter where his business moves in the future, he’ll have the unwavering support of UKFast behind him and beng a UKFast Partner. He said:

“As my clients continue to succeed, I want to help them. I’d never consider changing hosting companies. What’s great to see is a company driving itself forward, as well as helping its clients to do the same.

“Our company motto is Making Brilliant Marketing Simple, and UKFast has helped do exactly that with us.”

You can find out more about UKFast here.