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The DM Lab’s Graphic Design Services

We’re quite adaptable when it comes to graphic design services.

If you’ve scrolled through our graphic design work on our projects page, you may think ‘we’re too this’ or ‘we’re too that’. You’d be wrong! We can produce anything. We have grunge, to corporate, fun and serious designs. Whatever the brief, we can accommodate. We will design you what you want, and if you’ll allow us, we’ll put our spin on it to make it extra special!

With full access to all programs on the Adobe Creative Cloud, we can choose the right one for your project. This extends to video too! You may see that we produce one or two of our own videos plus more for clients. We are not exclusively film makers but we know how to make them and have the tools to create something simple.

So what do we offer?

Our design work, once complete, we can provide you with a digital copy to use online, or in case you didn’t know, we can produce print ready versions. With these print ready versions, we can either pass them onto you to source print but we do offer printing ourselves. We use on online printing solution in the form of the awesome There are others but these guys seem to offer nearly everything we’re asked for. We can even get it delivered direct to you too!

You can read more about the printing service that we offer here.

We’ll be putting together a series of blogs that highlight our graphic design work. It’s not something we advertise heavily but we’ll give it a push as we love designing! We have an extensive portfolio of quality work and even to this day we’re learning how to undertake work to an even higher standard, faster.

Here’s a couple of our designs from past music events we’ve been fortunate to be involved with.

If you’re looking for designers for your graphic design project, then look no further. Get in touch with us and let’s start a project together!