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The DM Lab’s Photograph Restoration Service

When it comes to design, we’re pretty adaptable – our portfolio also includes photograph restoration.

From large format and business stationery, to 3D rendered graphics and even photograph restoration.

This blog focuses on the latter.

We had an unusual request to restore some old family photographs following a reunion. A few family members wanted copies of the restored photographs.

We set about using the awesome Photoshop on the Adobe Creative Cloud to work on restoring them. The clone stamp tool was key to this. We had to remove unsightly creases and blemishes on the photographs which were a couple of years old! Exact date unknown, we didn’t ask – but they looked pretty old.

They were treasured but had become a bit battered and bruised. We knew with our knowledge of Photoshop we could make this good as new. We set to work. Some needed more work than others. We had to avoid compromising the people in the photographs. A task that proved tricky as they were a number of folds and creases bisecting faces.

Photograph Restoration 1

Nothing’s impossible if you apply yourself.

It was a great, new challenge and something different to the usual design work we undertake. The job satisfaction from this job was something else to what we’d normally feel. As if by magic, we’d brought new life to some priceless family photos which were gratefully received.

Below are a selection of the photos, they looked awesome printed on photo paper but these give you an idea. The overlays are bang on as we adjusted each to get them as perfect as we possibly could.

Samples of Photograph Restoration 2

The first on only photograph restoration job we’ve ever done but it was enjoyable!

Another facet to what we can offer thanks to our years of learning and improving. Whatever you need us to do, we’re pretty sure we can do it and do it well. Contact us to find out what we can do for you!