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The DM Lab’s Services

What’s special about The DM Lab?

The DM Lab was formed in 2014. Our brand, personality and service are unlike any other on the market at the time or even now. We offer focused and quality digital marketing. Back then, specifically web design agencies were developing websites and offering basic digital marketing as a ‘bolt-on’ or even just using a plug-in or an ‘out of the box’ solution. We identified the value for good quality digital marketing and saw the gap in the market. As web design agencies specifically see the value of digital marketing as an important and dedicated service, we’ve recently seen an increase of others offering this service.

We are a quality digital marketing company that also offers websites.

However, we understand the value of a website, seeing them as a marketing asset not just as a business prerequisite. The DM Lab is now in its fifth year and we’re ahead of what others may deem as competition because of our approach. We see ourselves as a unique entity and have 3 award wins, named as a finalist twice and named as one of Small Business Saturday’s top 100 small businesses of 2018. This speaks volumes for our approach, execution and longevity as a recognised, credible business delivering quality digital marketing. Take a look at our project portfolio here.

How do we deliver our services

We see ourselves as an affordable asset to every company we work with. Hire our agency instead of key individuals that form a marketing department for a fraction of the by way of a retainer. Our transparent approach to working with clients helps us build a successful relationship from day one. We identify what can achieve results with a specified budget. We do this because we want the business to succeed as much as they do. Success means reinvestment into our service (quality digital marketing) to then achieve even more.

Growing side by side together.

Our clear goals and regular communication allowing clients to track progress and how we can improve on delivering quality digital marketing. We give clients confidence that the service we offer them is bespoke and tailored to them alone. We give them added peace of mind and do not tie them into contracts. Doing this because our success is a direct result of the work we undertake for clients. If their online presence, leads and sales are improving, we are succeeding. It is a mutually beneficial relationship and regardless of sector or business type, we want them to grow. We accommodate budget changes and situations, for example seasonal changes.

There is no generic offering and we spend a considerable amount of time researching and strategising for each individual client. Selective in taking on clients. We do not take on similar businesses looking to achieve the same goals. Striving to be effective as we can and competing against one another is not what we do. We are however not exclusive, we want clients to succeed and we have to be selective when taking on new clients that there is no conflict of interest.

Our business is once again in the process of being ISO certified after changing supplier. Having been an ISO 9001:2008 / 9001:2015 certified company for several years before, we know we have high quality standards and management processes and a very high rate of customer satisfaction. The DM Lab is a results-driven company and The DM Lab delivers these results.

What does the future hold?

We want The DM Lab to be the go-to digital agency locally. After identifying a gap in the market in 2014 and establishing ourselves for 5 years we’ve seen a number of other web design agencies recently recognise the importance of digital marketing and add the service to their business. We, however, understood this almost 5 years ago. So now we are in a strong position to be considered as local market leaders which was always our intention.

We have shown, and have a proven track record, of client success from a high standard of work.

We want to build on this and have taken steps to achieve these goals. The team here understands the brand and our ethos. Work hard for our clients and we will grow alongside their success. We’ve relocated into the city centre and this has added to the credibility of the business while giving us the space to increase our team. Previous efforts of recruitment proved difficult, so we were encouraged to try offering a placement for an apprentice. Having considered the option and quickly realising that the right person wasn’t out there, we would create an opportunity for another young and enthusiastic apprentice.

As well as educating the apprentice, we are moulding him into an important asset to the business. We’ve increased the number of projects we can handle and we are growing the fastest we have ever grown while maintaining a high standard of work. We will be recruiting another apprentice now that we’ve seen and experienced the benefits for ourselves.

By increasing the workforce, we’re able to grow the client base, workload and our turnover. From June 2014 to 2017 we’ve quietly laid the foundations of the business. We were recognised locally for our efforts picking up 2 awards at the end of 2017. This gave us the confidence to push the business into unchartered water. Recruitment and relocation followed in 2018 alongside other awards and accolades. With even more credibility and recognition, we’ll continue to offer the best digital marketing service around for the foreseeable future.