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The DM Lab’s #SmallBiz100 Day – 14th November

For our #SmallBiz100 day, we really want to help other small businesses

We feel that every business can benefit from brilliant marketing made simple. That is why for our #SmallBiz100 day we really wanted to showcase to businesses what we are all about. Maybe you’ve heard of us, seen us on social media or are already familiar with us but aren’t sure if we’re the right business to work with.

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So, for our ‘day’ we want to extend an open invitation to you to come visit us. Ask some questions, get to know us and the main event will be Marketing Director Chris presenting to you with two talks, ‘SEO For Beginners’ AND what ‘Micro Moments’ are, why you should know about them and why they are valuable to your business, what you sell and how to sell it. We’ll be providing literature to take away with everything from the day.

It’s not us selling ourselves to you, it’s you getting to know us and taking away some valuable, actionable insights. There will be tea, coffee, biscuits, chocolates & CAKE, so come for that if nothing else!

It’s on Wednesday 14th November, but where will it be?

We’ll be in the Seminar Room at the Business Solutions Centre. We’ll create an event on Eventbrite (in case more than 1 person turns up so we can cater for you 😂).

It is an absolute honour for us to have been chosen as 1 of 100 from 1000s of entries in this years’ #SmallBiz100, so we want to do this selection justice by offering something back to business owners. We can’t offer discounts or the like as fellow #SmallBiz100 have done, but we hope this is just as good. We don’t have a tangible end product. What we offer is a service, so sharing some knowledge with you is the best we can offer.

We’ll be spending the day as usefully as we can. As the only business in Hereford this year, we want to do whatever we can. Make the very most of it. So, if you fancy popping along, the day is Wednesday the 14th November, and here’s the link to the event. It’ll be very informal and relaxed, which, if you know us, is the way we like to be. If you come, WYSIWYG, we’ll not be pretending to be anything more than we are and we won’t be selling anything to you. Just meet the team, have a mingle and help us support Small Business Saturday! Did we mention goody bags for everyone who comes?!

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