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Dying Light

You may or may not already know we have a love for the weird and macabre. Anything obscure gets our attention, especially if it has zombies in it! As avid gamers too, we are super excited about the release of Dying Light.

What the heck is Dying Light I hear you say?!

Well, put simply, it’s a game. It looks AMAZING. It has the aforementioned zombies in it. It has parkour too which is cool as hell.

It’s a first-person game set within a city cut off from the outside world because of infection. In the day you scavenge an craft weapons and at night the ‘nasties’ come out to feed. Day and night affects the manner of the game. Only the fittest can survive and that’s where the parkour element comes into play. As if this can’t get any better, there’s a co-op mode. With many like-minded friends this game is going to be absolutely EPIC and we cannot WAIT until the 30th of January to get our hands on this!

dying light