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E-commerce Sites

We have a number of inquiries here at the Lab about designing and developing an online shop for people. A majority of these are great people with a decent idea – but e-commerce sites are on another level to stand-alone websites. There is far more development involved with products and then payment gateway integration. These take up hours of our time, and time is money. Rather than put off potential clients with prices they hadn’t dreamed of paying to create their website from scratch, instead we are quick to suggest we develop them a Shopify site.

Shopify for example is a fantastically designed shop with everything in place already, meaning our costs are cut DRAMATICALLY as we just have to take an existing template and customise the design and tweak the content and code to suit the individual. A one-off payment for the template, a monthly fee for using the Shopify platform and a charge on each sale might sound like a lot, but when you compare this to a couple of thousand pounds to design from scratch, it’s a steal! We aren’t in the business of ripping of unknowing individuals. We gauge their finances, product and understanding through a detailed discussion with them and pretty much every time, we show them Shopify and it wins them over. Simple to use, simple to manage and if they get stuck, we’re here to help!