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Epic Global Group Ltd Project

Epic Global Group Ltd Project

Epic Global Group Ltd Logo

This was a cool little project. We had to take a very dated site and give it a fresh new look. Only a small site, we have developed it a little more than it was originally so now Dave has a cross over between an ‘online shop front’ and a vessel by which to showcase his past and present projects.

Limiting the colour palette to darker tones of grey and accented with red. We framed the site within a white border which also looks cool. Something different to the common (but still very cool) full width design. Not quite boxed, not quite full width.

One of Dave’s proudest achievements has been working all over the world. Portraying this was also a major part of the redevelopment. A map and flags are prominently showing this on the new site. As it stands, we’ve recycled a lot of the minimal content on the old site but worked it across several pages and expanded upon it. The WordPress developed website can be updated and built on easily so when the time comes to add more content, it can be easily done in house.

We have kickstarted Dave’s Epic Global Group’s digital presence with the redevelopment. The site can be managed and we actively encourage the use of blogs and project progress.

This is how it used to look:

Epic Global Group Ltd Old Website

We’ve kept heavy use of white space – always cool and sharp on modern websites. Besides the home page itself, we’ve kept the internal pages quite minimal. The site is now ready to be built on and will form the basis of an on-going marketing project.

We also created a brochure to compliment the site. It will be used both digitally with the option to be printed and used as promotional literature at events or just to give out to prospective clients.