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Event Marketing – LeftFest 2016

We were fortunate enough to work with the guys who launched LeftFest back in 2016.

For this, the organisers needed a poster to dot about the county and further. This was what we came up with, one our favourites, even today!

Event Marketing - Poster Design

In addition flyers were needed to distribute to advertise the brand new event. We created some double sided A5 flyers. It was difficult to simply shrink the poster, so we opted for a double sided design so we could put the information on one side and a graphic of the two headline acts on the other. Making the absolute most of the space.

Event Marketing - Flyer Design (Front)

Event Marketing - Flyer Design (Back)

Facebook played an enormous part in the promotion of the event too.

Event Marketing - Facebook Profile Picture Design

We were able to design a promotional series of designs with a themed look and feel. The visuals needed to be associated immediately with the event. This included graphics for Facebook specifically. The guys ran a contest to give away free tickets to the event. This involved the using cover photo as shown below.

We also designed a long canvas banner the guys used to wrap around the DJ booth.

Event Marketing - Banner Design

The Event

The guys ran and promoted the event, but we provided all the visuals for this particular event. We are immensely pleased with how all this turned out. The event, held at Hereford’s Left Bank, featured Blue Amazon and Oscar Vazquez plus a number of local DJs showcasing their talents.

It was a while ago, if you missed it, have a read of an interview with DJs Andrew Artus and Martin Adjei, the organisers, on the Herefordshire Live website.

We’ve gone on to work on a number of other events. Both from a design and advertising context to promoting.

As a digital marketing agency, we’re slowly building a cool portfolio of event marketing. The more we’ve been able to be involved with, the more we’ve learned. A good poster and associated marketing material is paramount to marketing an event successfully. We’re pleased to be able to say that we can design and market events, big or small. If this is something you’re interested in, please get in touch, we’d love to help!