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Everyone’s An Expert…

It’s all over social media at the moment – the horrific effort a ‘baker’ has made to replicate an Elsa cake from Frozen – but is obviously way out of their depth. In case you haven’t seen it – here it is (you can’t un-see this so be warned!)…


This is a situation we can relate to in digital marketing.

How? Well, clearly someone has put their faith in an ‘expert’ to deliver something. The baker may be good at elements of baking, but as with every profession, there are many angles and facets to a job, each requiring a specific skill set. The ‘baker’ obviously thought ‘it’s easy – I can do that!’. So, they had a bash…and failed. Miserably.

Now look at this from a digital marketing perspective. You read a book, read articles on the internet or watch YouTube videos – this does NOT make you an expert overnight, this lays the foundation for an exciting path into the many facets of digital marketing. There are all sorts of skills required to comprehensively market a business. You can have a go, I mean you have to start somewhere, but if you’re paying for someone to deliver a product (in our case a service) you expect that to be delegated to the correct individual with a specific skill set to do what they do best and let others do what they do best. It’s a team effort.

Let it go…

The ‘Elsa The Hutt’ cake (that’s the one on the right!) is a perfect example of someone delivering what you have asked…But not quite what you asked for if you know what I mean? If you had invested money for someone to market you and you ended up with an ‘Elsa The Hutt’ effort – this could be catastrophic to you and your business. Why and how? Well, can you salvage the cake on the right to look like the one on the left? Nope. Same goes for choosing the right digital marketing agency. You need enthusiasm and expertise in equal amounts.

Unfortunately – 99% enthusiasm and ambition and 1% results does not equate in our game. This is exactly why we are a RAR recommended agency, Google Partners and are ISO 9001:2008 certified agency with skilled individuals working on the areas they are good at. No jack of all trades here, just a well-oiled machine!

You want an Elsa cake (increased leads, website visits and an increased online visibility)? You got it! No Elsa The Hutt efforts here, we assure you. Want you want is what you get…and more!


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