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Facebook Story on Business Pages (+Templates!)

Have you discovered the new Facebook Story on your business page?

On the Facebook Pages now there’s a cool new feature for your Business’ Facebook Story.

If you haven’t, this is what we’re talking about…

Facebook Story Locator

Discovering this for the first time? Navigate to your page, click the ‘About’ menu item and on a desktop it is here…

Editing Your Facebook Story

Click on it! It’s pretty straightforward from this point. Well, adding the text to your story is straightforward. Adding the cover photo is easy. However creating the cover photo is another matter entirely. Its full size dimensions are 1192 pixels x 441 pixels. However this is cropped to suit the preview on desktops. It is displayed full size on a mobile. However it is cropped again when you click ‘Read more’ on a mobile.

There is no rhyme or reason to what is displayed on which device and how it is displayed.

So by trial and error we have created our own cover image template for you to use. As long as you follow the guidelines, you will end up with a neat end product. Here’s ours in full…

The DM Lab Facebook Story Cover Photo

This is ours overlaid on top our template…

The DM Lab Facebook Story Cover Photo Overlaid on our Template

Here is the template we’ve come up with. At the end of this post we’ve included some downloadable templates in various formats. It’s not a bad effort. We’ve ensured that the logo is prominent throughout in what we’ve marked as the ‘Safe Zone’. The only part that is visible on desktops and mobiles.

Facebook Story Template Sample

We only came across this as we added stories for the pages we manage, and when checking we realised they were great on one device, and not on another. The preview looked good however when clicked it was cropped obscurely. Took us a bit of time to fathom out! We hope that this may save you time when creating your story.

Back to the story editing, now you can add your cover image…

Adding a Title to your Facebook Story

Add a title…

Tell People About Your Business on your Facebook Story

Tell people about your business…

Writing your Facebook Story

This is pretty cool. You can include H1 and H2 headings, lists, quotes and images. Be creative! There’s even the ability to add your own code into the story.

The DM Lab Facebook Story

Anyway, here are some templates. A JPEG file plus a .PSD and a PDF with the guides on. We hope you find them useful.

JPEG Template


PDF Template


PSD Template



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