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Matchday Programme Design & Print

Official Matchday Programme Design

We have always wanted to create an official matchday programme for any sport. One of our many passions is football. We love to play it and watch it. Just recently we have worked an opportunity. To take this passion, cross it over with graphic design. Applying these to a club close to our heart. The former Hereford United FC. Recent turmoil at the club gave rise to an opportunity to get involved. Creating matchday programmes, something which we could only have dreamed of doing.

The opportunity to create this vital element of the club’s matchday requirement.

This saw us really get our teeth into creating a really exciting new look to the official matchday programme. Working closely with the management, players and an official matchday photographer. We wanted to design a programme that WE would like to see on matchday. Both huge fans, we were able to see from both sides. From both a fan’s perspective and a designer’s perspective. Ultimately creating something that we’re really proud of. Something that in general got really positive feedback from fans and people associated with the club.

Working on the Matchday Programme

Working on a matchday programme is something we want to do more of. We have the design capabilities. Working closely with a printer to produce the 24 – 30 page programme. It includes a good balance between relevant content. This includes information as well as great visuals, layout and photographs. It was great to work with the players who always praised our work. They were keen to get us to put them on the cover where possible! The fantastic photography helped make the programmes what they were. The photographer, like us was also looking for a break. So undertook the work without being paid more as a platform to showcase his talent and ability.

Sad times

Locally, for anyone unaware of the situation at Edgar Street, it’s quite a tender subject. On Friday 19th December the club was wound up. As local boys, us here at The DM Lab are heartbroken as everyone else is. Whatever happens in the future we want to let everyone know that we had full involvement in the design and layout of the matchday programmes. NOT the print, content was supplied upon our request. We are incredibly proud of them and we saw the opportunity to showcase our skills . Whatever happens to the club in future. The work we did was unpaid. We don’t wish to be vilified, we just wanted to be a part of HUFC.

An opportunity presented itself.

So we stepped up. Should anyone be interested in allowing us to produce matchday programmes, please let us know! Although they were turbulent times for Herefordians and HUFC alike, we really enjoyed working on them. Regardless of the off-pitch politics and goings on with the running of the club.

Our Work

We produced a matchday programme for the home fixtures. Against: Biggleswade Town, Cinderford Town, Hungerford Town, Corby Town and Cambridge City. There was so much more we wanted to do with the designs. There was only so much we could do for ‘free’. Sparing whatever time we could to produce the 5 programmes to showcase our abilities. We stayed away from the politics going on at the club. We just wanted to apply something we were good at. To showcase ourselves in the local market. We have held back in broadcasting any involvement with HUFC until now as Hereford FC is now up and running.

Not wanting to jeopardise any future involvement with a phoenix club by seemingly supporting a regime unpopular at the time with the club’s supporters / former supporters.

We are big fans of supporting  football in the community, we need the youth to aspire to something and the fan’s to follow.

But put simply, this is what we can do!