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Will The Future Be The End Of Art As We Know It?

A Dying Art?

Following on from our previous blog on digital art got me thinking. With advances in software capabilities, technology and requirements. Will this put an end to all traditional art forms, like sculpting and painting?

Everyone wants bigger and better. Artforms differ in context. From what was an artform and what now is a form of art. For example, architect’s are looking to design artistic and desirable buildings. Video games are increasingly becoming more of an ‘interactive art’. As games and game developers strive to become bigger and better. They recruit artists to apply their skills to the gaming world. The imagination takes artists to levels they never thought possible. The question is ‘why paint a landscape – when you can design your own worlds for video games’?

I will admit, there is little call for surrealism and cubism, in today’s world. Instead artists veer toward photorealism,. As gamers demand ever more realistic environments. There will always be a place for traditional art, but traditional artists are a dying breed. They are influenced to apply their skills in areas that will make them money. Rather than try a new revolutionary form of art to gain recognition and fame. Ultimately, artists have to adapt to work with the technology around them.

Technology cant exist without artists, and art cannot exist without artists.

So even though traditional methods and styles may become defunct, these same techniques are applied in imaginative ways to co-exist with technology in order to keep up with the age of technology.

Everyone has to pay bills, and they have to go where the work is. For artists, this window of opportunity is getting ever more smaller, and they have to apply their skills where they can also make money, and today, movies and video games are where the big money is! This is my opinion, and even though there will always be respect for the talents of traditional artists, these artists have to apply these skills in ways other than traditional methods.