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Happy Mario Day!

Happy , everyone! (March 10th = MAR10 = Mario)

Who doesn’t like Mario, right?! We’re avid gamers here at the Lab and yes, we were around when the little Italian-American plumber first appeared way back in the 80s! Admittedly we don’t remember ‘Jumpman’ (as Mario was originally named) nor can we claim we played the first ever  game featuring him (Donkey Kong in 1981 / Donkey Kong Junior in 1982) but we can lay claim to the fact we played for endless hours on the old NES playing ‘Super Mario Bros.’ and pretty much every installment after that!

We have decided to pay homage to the ever popular plumber by creating our own basic platform game based on Super Mario Bros featuring our own little mason – we’ll keep you posted so check back soon!

Mario Day