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Hereford Work Experience – Issey’s Experience

Hereford Work Experience At The DM Lab

Blog Day 1

Chris put me on Photoshop at the start of the work experience week. I had a go at graphic design. As I have used it before, i was tasked with designing a poster for an event at the Courtyard later in the coming year. With the help of Harvey and Joe, I managed to complete the poster design. I also began writing my blog for my work experience.

Blog Day 2

On the second day, I was given the opportunity to use Adobe After Effects. During this i was to to create a video promoting Belmont Wanderers Football Club. My lack of exposure to the software made it quite difficult to get the hang of, but I eventually did. 

Blog Day 3

On the third day, I continued to finish the edit. I used pictures of all the teams within the club, including training sessions and award ceremonies. Afterwards, I finished the day by creating a Facebook post style poster using Photoshop promoting the recruitment for the Together Healthcare company. School also made a phone call to check in.

Blog Day 4

On the fourth day, I finished off my posters on Photoshop and began creating an After Effects video to promote Together Healthcare. After a bit of trial and error with the file, I again got the hang of it. I managed to get the majority of the project done but I did have to finish it off on day five. 

Blog Day 5

On my final day, I finished off my edit and wrote out my blog about my work experience placement.

Hereford work experience Issey working on a Photoshop Poster for a client

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience. I never thought my editing hobby could go much past being a hobby. However knowing that it could go further was an eye-opener for me. The people here are very friendly and made me feel welcome. At first, I was quite nervous as I didn’t know what I’d be doing. By the middle of the week I had settled, and the nerves had gone. I had a very good time at The DM Lab.