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Herefordshire Business Awards Judge

So, the cat is out of the bag! Part 2 of 2 blogs

We’ve been given two fantastic opportunities by Rich and his team from Herefordshire Means Business and the Herefordshire Business Awards.

Herefordshire Business Awards Judge

Having been a part of the inaugural Herefordshire Business Awards back in 2017 as an entrant, finalist and subsequently winning ‘Growing Business of the Year’, you could say we’ve a vested interest in the awards. Why? It was the first award The DM Lab ever won. Having started this business in 2010, rebranding and refocusing in 2014, it gave us confidence that we were doing something right.

We heavily promoted our achievement both in the run up and after the awards. This recognition helped us take the business to the next level. Not knowing what to expect back then, we were happy to be a part of the event and celebrate the achievements of other fantastic Herefordshire based businesses. The award was a real catalyst for us and the business. We knew that we had to justify the judges’ decision and cement the fact we were Herefordshire’s growing business of the year.

Herefordshire Business Award

Achievements following the award

In case you didn’t know, in 2018 we relocated to the city centre and hired our apprentice Harvey – our next level of growth. We grew the business, client base and took The DM Lab to another level. Financial success is part and parcel of success, and as a result we were able to sponsor last years’ Herefordshire Business Awards. This was both a thank you and a nod to the team that we want to support the excellent event further.

So why will Chris be a good Herefordshire Business Awards judge?

The Herefordshire Business Awards catapulted our business. We’ve experienced the struggles and hardships of starting a business. We started ours at the height of the recession – as a result of some unfortunate circumstances and the need to generate an income the business was born. It took us 3 years to realise our strengths and weaknesses. We changed the direction of the business. It was in that year we that we were very good at digital marketing, coupled with design and development. The brand did not reflect this new-found direction…

So in 2014 we rebranded to The Digital Marketing Laboratory – The DM Lab. It was a year in the making and we wanted to make sure everything worked. We think it was a success and the brand is alive and kicking 5 years on. It had to be perfect and it had to work, after all, if we couldn’t do it for ourselves, why would anyone trust us to develop their brand?

So, we started a business. We rebranded. The business has grown. We’ve created an employment opportunity and hired an apprentice. Relocated into the centre of town. We’ve been recognised for our work. Won awards and accolades. Taken the business from strength to strength. It’s taken us 9 years. It hasn’t happened overnight. Blood, sweat and tears built this business – and it is these experiences that make Chris the ideal judge at the Herefordshire Business Awards.

This is why…

His first-hand experience of starting, running and growing an award-winning business himself gives him valuable insights to help him judge. Maybe you’ve heard of The DM Lab, of Chris in particular, or maybe not. It doesn’t matter if you know of us or you don’t know us, we know you or if you’re a client. Chris intends to be as good a judge he can possibly be. No bias, just completely impartial. We actively encourage you to enter the Herefordshire Business Awards 2019!

As Wayne Gretzky once famously said,

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!”

To be asked to judge is an incredible honour so Chris will ensure he is as fair as he is impartial. So whoever you are and whatever you do, consider entering. If you do enter, you feel you have a chance – and that is what it’s all about. You should be proud of your achievements and even being a finalist can do wonders in raising the profile of your business. If you think you’re the best at what you do, shout about it! We can tell you first hand as a multi award-wining company – awards have done wonders for our business. Us, like you, had no idea if we’d win when entering but we did. We were a finalist at last years’ Herefordshire Business Awards and even being 1 of 3 finalists is an incredible achievement – not juts for us but for anybody!

We only want to raise the profile of the Herefordshire Business Awards so the most inspiring and deserving entries will be recognised but likewise for those who don’t make the finals – don’t give up. We’ve been there, previous winners at the Herefordshire Business Awards have been there. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Keep doing it well. Make your business the best at what you do in the county. Let’s make our neighbouring counties sit up and take note that we’re the best! By entering and supporting this event will not only help you, but raise the profile further, boost recognition and credibility of our great county.

To find out more about the Herefordshiure Business Awards and how to enter, click here.

Remember, if you don’t buy a ticket, you won’t win the raffle. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you in October at the Herefordshire Business Awards!