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Herefordshire Means Business 2022 Expo

Herefordshire Means Business 2022 Expo

Ahead of the Herefordshire Means Business 2022 Expo, we wanted to give you a heads up about what you can expect from us as exhibitors…

Herefordshire Means Business 2022 Expo - We're Exhibiting!

First off, we have a special publication made for the event! It will tell you all about what we’ve been up to in the first quarter of the year and what our plans are for the remainder. All this in the name of fundraising! See what challenges we’ve set ourselves. If you can contribute toward our fundraising goals – we’d also be incredibly grateful! Be sure to pick up a copy, tag us in a picture of you having a read with the hashtag #StuffandThings and you could win a ‘money can’t buy’ prize (well, it’s only biscuits!).

Herefordshire Means Business 2022 Expo - Publication

So that’s a little self-indulgent angle on our part. So, what do we have for you?

Since we’ve been a little hindered of late with putting on a workshop, we felt that the Expo would be a good time to generate a bit of interest. Well, to be exact, see if you guys might be interested in us putting on a workshop based on Search Engine Land’s SEO Periodic Table. It is a fantastic resource that we thought would be a great idea to base a workshop around. Making SEO fun, digestible while showing you bits and pieces you can do yourself. All the while having a little get together because, love it or hate it – if you’re like us, we’ve missed that of late!

Herefordshire Means Business 2022 Expo Goodies!

Take it away and ponder…

We have a little flyer with the table on it for you to takeaway and have a look at. If you think a workshop based around this could be as interesting as it is fun, let us know on the day. We’ll take your details and get something scheduled in the near future!

We’ll be attending some of the seminars ourselves so if we’re not about, do come back and find us, we’d love to chat!

See you later!