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#HMBiz 2022 Expo at the Shell Store

Herefordshire Means Business Expo 2022

Well, it has been a minute since we last did anything like this…Or anything with the #HMBiz team for that matter! It was well overdue, very much missed so we were in from the get-go. Digital meetings and virtual get-togethers simply don’t offer the same personal interactions like a proper in-person event. We’ve endured too much digital interaction – don’t get us wrong, it has it’s place, definitely, but seeing faces, meeting new people and being at an event like this is just what the doctor ordered!

The #HMBiz Expo – a long time coming!

We dug out our exhibition stand and literature that had been tucked away since February 2020. A long time! All this was last used at our good friend Sharon’s Supercharge Your Cashflow event. We’ve been chomping at the bit to have a good mingle – and today we were able to really let loose!

The DM Lab Team at the #HMBiz Expo 2022

With ultramarathon training in the mornings (every morning, not just this morning) we were unable to make the networking breakfast. We’d make up for that though! It was our first visit to the Shell Store and it did not disappoint. A very cool place!

The morning was manic. Seeing faces, old and new, meant a bit of catching up was in order. Couple that with curious visitors meant we actually missed our friend Adam’s talk. Please accept our apologies Adam – it’s not you, it’s us! We booked on to all the seminars to really make the most out of the day. However, we did not realise how busy we were going to be and how much interest we attracted from exhibitors and visitors alike.

Meeting IRL

It was great to meet in-person our virtual connections. Like Ellie from Sky and our friends at Design in the Shires. It was great to reconnect with old acquaintances too. Like our good friend (and client) Mark of Hereford First Aid, Sharon and Louise from Kinder Pocock and Ange from the ELY Memorial Fund to name a few.

Check out the new addition to the office too, courtesy of the #HMBiz team – the aptly named Mason. Aptly how? Our little avatar / mascot is called Mason too. See the connection?! Had to be done!

Our little memento from the #HMBiz 2022 Expo

We also grabbed a coffee from the Coffee Cart Co too. Unbeknownst to us, there was an opportunity to practise what we preach with regards to our sustainability efforts with the purchase of a reusable coffee cup too. We don’t just talk the talk you know, we walk it too!

Coffee Cart Cups!

Finally, as the rush of visitors eased, we were able to sneak off to attend our first seminar of the day. Having been unable to see Adam’s talk or got to Martin’s seminar, we did manage to grab a seat in our longtime friend of the business Colita’s talk which was, as always, entertaining and thought-provoking.

Colita's talk at the #HMBiz Expo

The ‘Happy Pills’ were also a very cool idea – stealing that for the next event!

Another highlight for us was attending keynote speaker Andy Lewis MBE’s talk.

Andy Lewis MBE at the #HMBiz 2022 Expo

A Paralympic, World, European and British Triathlon Champion. The words Andy shared with us were incredibly inspiring. A guy that isn’t held back and throws himself whole-heartedly into everything he does despite a life-changing accident. Andy’s words left a lasting impression on us. His dark place showed us that it is always darkest before the dawn, and that no matter where you’re at, you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

The reference to Muhammad Ali echoed this, “If your mind can conceive it, and your heart can believe it – then you can achieve it.

A number of points Andy Lewis MBE spoke of really resonated with us. So much so, that we were delighted to chat to him and his business partner Chris afterwards. We shared our own wellbeing efforts, our goals, our focus and our passion with him. Taking on an ultramarathon a month for 6 months reflects our own wellbeing efforts. Our goal we’re working towards (and in case you didn’t know, have been since 2019) is running the London Marathon. Our focus of improving our fitness and the passion we show toward these endeavours and also the charities we are raising money for. Although on a much smaller scale than Andy’s and minus the very different challenges he faced, we could relate to the dedication he showed.

Running a business, maintaining a good level of health and mental wellbeing is crucial in our environment.

We always say if you don’t make time for your wellness, you’ll be forced to make time for your illness. We gave Andy Lewis MBE a copy of Stuff & Things to highlight what we’re up to and why we’re doing it. It was so cool to have our own journey (although not to Rio!) mapped out in a graphic that we could show him that we get it, and it was great for us to learn how much more valuable the graphic is than we realised – without realising!

We took so much away from Andy Lewis MBE’s talk, including this awesome photo with his gold medal. You don’t realise how heavy these medals are!. With so much of Andy’s character and experiences we can relate to, we hope to connect with Andy and Chris once again in the near future. It was really great to meet you Andy Lewis MBE and thank you for taking the time to talk to us!

Chris with Andy Lewis MBE

Great work #HMBiz team!

Finally, well done to the #HMBiz team. Fantastic event as always and it was great to attend an in-person event. It has been far too long! Put your feet up guys and make the most of it before the Herefordshire Business Awards! Catch you soon and see you there!

If you’re curious about Stuff & Things, check out the digital copy on Issuu!

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