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How Do You Judge a Company?

Someone trying to be us cost us work 🙁

Something happened to us at the weekend that frustrated us. We produce work for a client, high-quality design work, work that we’re proud of. The clients’ in-house team then take elements of our work, mix it with their own to create a ‘Frankesign’. See what we do there?! ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘design’ – anyway, moving swiftly on.

This design work was judged as if it were something that we, here at The DM Lab, produced. From what we gathered, the design was ‘OK’ but what the person picked up on was a spelling mistake! What’s worse, a spelling mistake of a rather crucial word to the client. Anyway the person was, it seemed, somewhat appalled by this and made a decision not to work with us as a result. Yes, we have eyes and ears everywhere.

This is as disappointing as it is frustrating.

We are professionals. We design to a high standard and proofreading content is something we pride ourselves on. We’re not saying we don’t make mistakes, but we don’t. All our work is checked in-house before being sent.

We’re flattered that our work and style is being used. However our style is not their style. More of a hybrid, which, surely, if we’ve been researched, would be evident. We post most of our work in our portfolio on our projects page. It’s common for us to come across ‘dabblers’ in our industry. With so many tools and software available, apparently anyone thinks they can be a designer (or even a marketer for that matter, but that’s another story).

Not forgetting we are 3 x 99Designs winners (and 2 x runners-up!)

We’ve trained, we’ve qualified and it’s our job. We don’t do it as something on the side. It is what we do. If you like what we do, hire us! Work with us! Don’t dilute our style with yours. It has knock on effects. You’re off the hook, it’s us that look silly as people think it was us!

However you choose who to work with, don’t make assumptions. Do your research, if you like what you see, contact us!

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