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The DM Lab Attend The Human Factors Workshop

The DM Lab Attend The Human Factors Workshop

Last week, the team were lucky enough to attend the Human Factors Workshop, delivered by Ellen at the Cyber & Security Centre in Hereford. We all took so much away from the workshop and would highly recommend it to other businesses. We’ve included our experience below.

The Team at the Human Factors Workshop at the Cyber Security Centre

What we learned about change

“In order for us to change, we need to think greater than our environment, our body, and time.”

The team at The DM Lab are all enthusiastic & hard-working individuals, however we all have bad habits that we want to change, whether this be in our work or personal lives.

During the workshop, we learned that by changing our thoughts, we can revolutionise our life, and this starts with a vision. If a vision is strong enough, it will become true. The key is to think greater than your environment and your body and this can be on a small scale or a large scale. For example, recently Joe started going to the gym in the morning instead of after work. He wanted to do this to avoid the evening rush. However, this required him to wake up much earlier and therefore his body wanted to reject this change. Regardless of this, because his vision was greater than his body and environment, he made the change happen.

Introducing Deep Breathing into Our Lives

Deep breathing was one of the many topics we explored during the workshop. Up until now, we’ve all been aware of deep breathing and knew it was beneficial in some way. However, we didn’t realise just how beneficial in can be.

When utilised correctly, deep breathing can have the most incredible effects on both the body and mind. For the body it helps support correct posture, improves digestion, reduces blood pressure & more. For the mind it reduces stress, increases creativity, reduces anxiety & more. As a result of the workshop, the team have all adopted deep breathing techniques into part of their daily routine and see it as an important part of their lives.

The Science

We also learned about the science behind our minds and the way we think, which was fascinating. Different parts of our brains are responsible for different functions. To put it very simply, we have different areas of the brain responsible for: thinking, emotional responses & skillsets / habits. By understanding this, it allowed us to better understand our behaviour and thoughts. Furthermore, it allows us to harness greater control over our life.

By completing the workshop, we truly believe that we have more control over our lives, and we believe that this will positively impact both our work and personal lives. The DM Lab would like to say a huge thank you to Ellen & the team at the Cyber & Security Centre for such an eye-opening experience! We would highly recommend attending the Human Factors Workshop! We’re pleased to be able to help support our staff’s wellbeing by participating in the workshop as a collective.

Human Factors Workshop at the Cyber Security Centre