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Inter-Business Quiz in support of Phoenix Bereavement

Last night we bodged together a team (Dale, Chris from The DM Lab and Dave & Matt from Holtek IT) and entered the inter-business quiz in support of Phoenix Bereavement. We went it to it expecting to do badly (we are rubbish at quizzes) but it was all for a good cause and it was a bit of fun plus we got to put a few names to faces from other local businesses taking part. We sat between Kidwells and Wyvern Business Systems.

We enjoyed the atmosphere at Beer In Hand, pizzas were nice and the beer was amazing! Although we were poor, we’ll have another bash next year for sure. Win (unlikely) or lose (likely) we’ll support the fantastic cause as well as mingle with people from local businesses and help gain a little recognition in the local market – who could forget the quiz losers?! Haha! It was great to be invited and we will hopefully be going to the Casino Night too.

It was great to see everyone and just so you all know, we are much, much better at design and digital marketing than we are at quizzes, we promise!