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Joe’s First Month as a Digital Marketing Apprentice!

Joe has thoroughly enjoyed his first few weeks here at The DM Lab!

Joe feels as though he has learned a lot about digital marketing already and that there’s still so much more to learn. He has spent a lot of time on WordPress implementing changes to a client’s website using both CSS and the backend side of WordPress to complete these changes. One of his tasks was to take pages from their old site and re-design them for their new site. He said that he loved being able to experiment with different designs and colours to see what worked best. He feels comfortable with using WordPress now and has had a really good time getting to grips with it.

New Apprentice - Joe

Joe also spent a couple of days researching SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and learning all the best practices.

It surprised him how much there is to SEO and how many factors are involved in making up your ranking upon search. There was a lot of information to digest but he found it all very interesting. After doing this research, Joe had a go at some basic SEO himself using Yoast on WordPress. He enjoyed the psychological aspect of adding titles, meta descriptions and keywords to web pages. He also researched page speed and how to keep load times to a minimum. He then used Pingdom to test the speed of the website he was working on and made changes based on the feedback Pingdom gave him. He made these changes by installing a plugin on WordPress designed to help you increase page speed. By the end of this, Joe had managed to decrease the page load time by 0.9 seconds!

“To sum up my first few weeks – they really have been brilliant. I’m constantly learning new things and I’m eager to learn more. I’ve settled in well and everyone has made me feel very comfortable here. I’m excited for the future here!”