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We have joined the Herefordshire Green Network!

We have joined the Herefordshire Green Network!

After recently assessing our corporate social responsibility and the businesses’ carbon footprint throughout lockdown, we have been interested to come back stronger and do even more. Not just pick up where we left off, but do even more. We have returned to the office to work following all necessary precautions and protocols and we have an even more new-found enthusiasm to push everything further. During this research, we discovered the Herefordshire Green Network.

Herefordshire Green Network

New things for a ‘new normal’

We are now members of the Herefordshire Green Network. HGN is a lightly constituted, not-for-profit organisation. From their website:

Our Vision: A resilient low carbon future in Herefordshire.

Our Mission: Encouraging environmental sustainability through collaboration, inspiration and activity.

Together HGN collaborate at grassroots and strategic levels with a view to furthering their Vision and Mission; share information and provide meeting spaces in support of the activities of member groups, acting as a hub for resource and sharing; create opportunities for grant making, public presentations and combined events, technical information sharing, etc; and create a stronger voice by speaking together on areas of common interest and concern of member groups.

Anyone in Herefordshire who has a commitment to encouraging environmental sustainability and future resilience, including individuals, groups, organisations, parish / town councils and businesses (both ‘for’ and ‘not for’ profit) can join.


People care now more than ever about a company’s environmental impact and carbon footprint as much as their ability to deliver a quality service. We believe we deliver a quality service however we are constantly improving how we deliver this too. Digital communications, energy saving equipment and turning off devices that don’t need to be on all day. Small steps but a contribution nonetheless to something far bigger.

We’re extending our green credentials further than simply having a green logo!

We encourage all Herefordshire based businesses to consider joining if you haven’t already.