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Judge Us On Our Results…

It isn’t that often that we brag about the optimisation services we provide. We tell many of our clients we try to avoid “egotistical” marketing as much as possible. However, every now and then the need is there to demonstrate some of our success.

Our company is blessed to be working with a plethora of clients. Some of whom take us on to drive their website forwards. Not only gaining visibility and performing well in SERPs (search engine results pages) but also to generate sales or leads.

We use various methods to develop companies online. From social media to AdWords, one of our favoured routes is and always will be organic search. Using both on-page and off-page search engine optimisation – SEO. Fed by well-structured research. With clear objectives that are measured against KPIs. Our company can truly improve how a website fits into business development.

Tools of the Trade

When looking at stats and generating reports for clients, we use the classic tools. Such as Google Analytics, however to give a clear all round understand we use a few different reporting tools. One of our favoured being SEMrush.

It’s a great tool for gather insights. Not only about your own sites, but all the competitors you may have online, it’s always an interesting exercise to see how many offline competitors actually align with online competitors.

Below is a snapshot of one of our client’s data from the last few years, something we are very proud of hard work that has paid off over time.


You’ll see from the data that the graph has continually improved, with a few seasonal dips. However, an interesting figure, is that it would cost almost $30,000 p/m to achieve the same traffic through AdWords. For some of you cynics out there you may be thinking yes so what doesn’t mean anything, so let me put it another way the traffic volume is 3000 p/m (the actual figure is double that but we won’t dwell) this means that for a very small amount of traffic it would cost a great deal of money. Why? Because the keywords are very specific, highly competitive and high converting, which result in business.

This demonstrates that we have worked on hard at gaining very specific traffic to the website to generate business for the client.

The question to ask would be how much would this be worth to your business and how much would you pay for it?