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Katie – Our Newest Work Experience Recruit!

Meet Katie – our newest work experience recruit!

Whenever we can, we’ve always strived to create work experience opportunities for as many people as possible. Katie has been with us a few weeks now. Having expressed an interest in IT, we took the opportunity to further this interest. We immersed her into the world of digital marketing! Over these past couple of weeks, she has not only experienced, but excelled at the following:

Image editing, working in the backend of live websites including general site maintenance, product loading and actioning updates.

She’s gone from a dabbler to experiencing full on, hands on, life in a busy digital agency. She has been busying herself with tasks we’ve set and, no joke, we’ve struggled to keep up with her efficiency! Finishing these tasks to an excellent standard well within the expected time we thought she’d need to complete the assigned tasks! Credit where credit’s due!

Meet Katie - our newest work experience recruit!

Anyway, we asked Katie to write a few words about her experience so far which, fortunately for us, is quite complimentary and we’re pleased she’s enjoying her time here so far…

In Katie’s words…

In high school, I was known as the girl who never paid any attention. However, I preferred to sit back, listen, observe and take in all the information. I always wanted to take IT as a GCSE but I didn’t as I was too scared. I thought I would fail.

When I left school I originally had the idea of going to college and taking sport as it was my passion. My dad, MD Chris Tipping, would always talk to me and tell me how much he loves his job at The DM Lab. I would always see on Facebook about him and staff winning awards and their social profiles always looks so intriguing and eye opening. It was drawing some much attention to my eyes, so I wanted to explore the website and what they did. It was all about digital marketing but more so what they got up to, they all looked so amazing. I took things into my own hands and decided it would be great to experience this for myself.

I do the work because I love it.

the industry is interesting, the staff are so co-operative, hardworking, anything anyone could ever ask for in work friends. The boss, Chris Tipping, is so passionate about his job followed by his work partner Dale. Also, the other staff members, Harvey and Joe make you feel so welcome, and are always there when a help in hand is needed. We all like to make our collective work and the web a better place.

The DM Lab help people fix their websites and build people websites from scratch in such a short amount of time and are so reliable. They won’t ever let you down. No matter how stressful their days can be they are always so patient.

If you’re looking for the best team to fix your problems, here is the right people for you.

Disclaimer – these are Katie’s words and we had no influence over it – we just said be honest… And make it at least 250 words!

It is great to read about Katie’s positive experience. It’s nice to be able to show her how the magic happens and how we work first hand. So far she’s experienced both ends of the spectrum – the relaxed days then the hectic deadline days! Everyday is different here and we reckon that’s what makes it so interesting!