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Latest Tools & Methods in Graphic Design

Design Tools of the Trade

Digital artwork requires design, creativity, imagination, direction and a relatively decent PC or Mac. I prefer, and always have since my time at university, a PC. It was a bit cheaper for a start! That’s all you would ever need to become a successful designer. Traditional methods of design and drawing, ie, pad and pen, are still crucial in my design methods. Most designs I do either start from a scanned in sketch. Or a rendered 3D model or a photograph I have taken. My inspiration comes from anything. It is this unrestricted approach this allows my creativity to blossom.

Creating and developing a piece of digital artwork

I still prefer the mouse over a graphics tablet to create digital artwork. I find it restrictive and more difficult to control than the humble mouse. When I approach a new project, regardless of subject, I do try to push my preferred graphic design methods. Initially and gauge a response from the client. Vibrant colours, bold, outlined ink and paint images work for anyone. Also any business if used in the correct format. Even by doing this, it does not restrict my abilities. As something completely diverse can be produced if feedback is not initially great. A darker, realistic and more grungy feel can then be used. Which in turn allows me to really show off the vast array of dynamic and diverse work I can produce!

I don’t believe you can have an orthodox approach and method to projects.

Although every project I undertake has similar techniques. Like brainstorming and hand sketching initially. Then moving on to digitally enhancing these sketches to then be developed into a final piece, it’s just the way I prefer to work. I avoid researching first, as if I see something I like, I sub conscientiously try to emulate, which takes the uniqueness out of my own work. See our projects page for examples!

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