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Our Lifestyles Outside Of Work

Since we’re heavily into diet, nutrition, supplements and training, thought it might be a good (possibly insightful and interesting) idea to start blogging about it all. If you’ve met us, you probably know all about it as we bore EVERYONE to death about it all. On the other hand, it’s always a good conversation starter as when we go to networking events or visit a client, more often than not the event or host has put on some catering of some sort. Nice stuff, like cakes, pastries and biscuits are always served up but we don’t indulge in sugary high carbohydrate treats like that. The initial looks we get are often that of bemusement, but when we explain about our lifestyles, people are very quick to understand and appreciate our dedication. We also like to think that we inspire people.

We’re no self confessed experts as such, we’ve just re-educated ourselves about the way we see and prepare food. We opt for clean eating – where everything is made from scratch and no nasty extras (like sugar) are added anywhere. We have a high protein diet to help compliment what we do in the gym (we’re pretty committed to training, every weekday morning we’re at the Leisure Pool gym at 6:55am, do 20-30 minutes of cardio then 45-60 minutes of weight training. With a lot of reading from resources like, Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness plus help from Tommy Phillips and Matt Burch (trainers at Halo) we have a vast knowledge or exercises and programs.

We both play football outside of work as well as take part in events (half marathons, duathlons, Mud Runner) when they pop up so we’re not the stereotypical office workers. There is a whole load of different things we do outside of our 9-5 job.