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The DM Lab & the Local Business Community

What is it The DM Lab can do for the local business community?

The DM Lab provides a ‘white hat’ digital marketing service to those in the national and local business community. This means we work on behalf of the client and do not broadcast that it is us undertaking it. Our goal is to increase online presence, increase leads and generate sales for our clients. We carefully strategize a digital marketing plan with all factors considered including budget. We set realistic and achievable targets. The overall goal is to generate the client more revenue to ultimately reinvest and increase their monthly retainer with us. We can then do even more, so it is a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship.

We do not tie in clients. There are no contacts, they are free to go if they feel things aren’t working out. However, it is rare that clients discontinue working with us. Instead, we share in one another’s successes. We’ve worked with over 150 clients locally, nationally and internationally. One of our first ever clients is still on our books. Over the years has seen excellent results from working with us. As with other clients, we build trust, deliver results and develop a long-term relationship which is why we are here today.

How The DM Lab got started and the key elements in our growth

The business was established in 2010 following a chance meeting and some unfortunate circumstances. One of these was that one of the current directors had his first child due a week after a compulsory redundancy from long-term employment. In the height of the recession, the business was formed out of necessity, having exhausted all possible employment options. Merging the skillsets of the two still current directors, we did what we did to make ends meet. The following 4 years were a real learning experience, but we persevered.

In June 2014, having proved the business was working, we rebranded and refocused what we offered. Identifying a gap in the market for good quality digital marketing on a retainer model, we launched ourselves as The Digital Marketing Laboratory – The DM Lab. Establishing a good client base nationwide for the next 2 years, we gained recognition within the local market. Having originally opted out of the local market due to being unable to secure local clients as we were new and new meant untested. We proved our worth and are now working with some fantastic clients, big and small, locally as well as nationally – even a few international clients as well!

Why do we feel our customers value our service?

The Digital Marketing Laboratory specialises in growing businesses’ online presence, leads and ultimately sales. We work with clients to achieve this with any budget and are not tied in at a set cost. Our flexible retainer allows us to achieve the best results. The reason for this is if our clients grows and profits increase, retainers increase, we can achieve even more and at the same time it helps us to grow too. Clients’ success is paramount to what we do, and we can grow ourselves alongside our clients. A successful mutual relationship is fundamental to us.

How The DM Lab works with other businesses in our community

As a design and digital marketing agency, we have the tools and skills to help new and established businesses develop a successful digital presence. Where opportunities arise that benefit both us and the venture, we are always interested in establishing a mutually beneficial relationship. Instead of being a cost, we help the venture to grow. Following an active involvement and sponsorship in the local business community, we have partnered with an enthusiastic team that organises regular networking events as well as an annual business Expo and awards ceremony.

As a result of our experience, enthusiasm and knowledge within the local business community, we have been invited to speak at the Expo and judge at this years’ awards. We have a passion for connecting businesses and we are actively raising the profile of events in our county. We’re also not afraid to collaborate with other local businesses. If we feel others could undertake part of a project to a higher standard, we work with them instead of trying ourselves and we learn in the process. This allows us to expand our network and connections to be the best that we can be and delivering the best results.

The future of The DM Lab

The service we offer is mutually beneficial for both us and our clients. We help to grow clients’ online presence and leads. The more sales they make, the more money they make. We then encourage our clients to reinvest further in digital marketing to see even more results. A strong digital presence is beneficial for every business so we’ll continue to work hard for our clients, delivering a valuable and impeccable service to further grow ourselves. Our current and future success is a direct reflection of our clients’ successes!