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Why We Love Digital Marketing (And You Should, Too!)

Digital marketing is such an exciting industry to work in. All the time methods are evolving, Google keeps us on our toes with algorithm changes, so you can never stay comfortable for long. It’s impossible to know everything all of the time, it’s all about learning, understanding and adapting techniques. It’s this continual state of learning to keep ahead of others in our field that makes digital marketing such an education and experience to be a part of. To quote Ricky Bobby (Talladega Nights), ‘If you ‘aint first, you’re last’. This is relatable to us in digital marketing. We strive to be the best. There will always be figures we look up to (Rand Fishkin – MOZ to name one of many) who are on another level, but digital marketers as a whole are a good bunch. We all have our own secrets, but ultimately we all follow similar methods. It’s the tweaks we make which makes us better (or worse) than others. We all bounce off of each other, borrowing, adapting, tweaking techniques.

Digital marketing is all about paying us to generate you leads, to increase your online presence and ultimately increase your sales and profits. We become an extension of your business, and it is this range of business sectors that we are involved with that makes every day a new, exciting challenge. We are constantly learning and adapting. There is no set rule or method to follow. We can’t afford to become complacent. Our reputation depends on results so we have to deliver. There are many areas of digital marketing. Adwords, email marketing, inbound marketing, search engine optimisation, blogging and social media. It’s this range of sub services that has enabled us to meet and work alongside some great people as well as learning and honing our skills.