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McTip IT Are Officially Google Adwords Certified Partners


Today is that magical day that we have been officially awarded Google Adword Certified Partner Status, check out our profile page. This is great news as all our hard work has paid off, we are now managing multiple campaigns some small and some very large. The status has be gained by Chris Tipping becoming Google Adwords Professional and taking on a certain number of clients. Read on to find out how this may benefit you!

Benefits To Your Business

Google Adwords is a very powerful tool when used the right way, not only does it provide quality leads but it also gives another depth to analytics on your website. We are able to drive traffic to specific areas on a website and then monitor behavior, which in return allows us to tweak a website to maximise conversion.

The advantage to the tool is that you can set your budget and never exceed it, if you wish. Google Adwords uses intelligent advertising and a fair bidding system, which means you don’t need to spend the most to get seen!

Why Use Google Adwords?

We offer internet marketing strategies to businesses all over the UK and within each we will usually recommend using Pay Per Click in the form of Google Adwords. The reason for this is that it will compliment any SEO strategy and in fact if you have a highly optimised website you will see greater results.

As your organic strategy improves you then have more room to move you can either increase or decrease the use of PPC. By using a Google Adwords Partner we will do market research and really focus the campaigns on areas that will generate you business, this maybe location specific or product specific or even time specific.

The point being is that we will work closely with you and show you what will work and what wont work.

What makes a Google AdWords Professional a Professional?

The key to successful marketing is making a return on what you are putting in. A Google Adwords Professional has to take various exams and manage multiple budgets before they can actually become a professional. This means that any Google Adwords Professional that is good at what they do should be able to demonstrate and implement away of making your budget work for you.

Using a Google Adwords Professional will give your business the head start it needs, instead of wasting money on non-productive campaigns we will focus your budget on areas that will make you money!

Whats Next?

So if you have an adwords account or are looking to get one we will be more than happy to provide you with an audit and quote for managing a campaign, remember we work with all businesses no matter how big all small. Using a Google Adwords Partner could be the best marketing decision you make this year.

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