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Today is #MicroBizMattersDay, as we only have a handful of employees (3 in fact!) we’re taking part. If you’re not familiar with #MicroBizMattersDay, have a look at their website here and get involved! If you’re local to us, Hereford & Worcester Chamber of Commerce are encouraging members to take part in #MicroBizMattersDay and to support other local micro businesses. Take a look here.

We’re all about supporting local small businesses so this is a great opportunity to shout about what we do and more importantly what we can do for you. All you need is a Twitter account for your company and get involved using the hashtag #MicroBizMattersDay. Give us a follow too!

We’ll tweet an offer later in the day which will hopefully appeal to other small businesses looking to make 2015 their year by helping them increase their online visibility and generate new leads.

This year’s #MicroBizMattersDay is the first time we’ve got involved so we are excited to see what happens and looking forward to connecting with other people and businesses as well as showcasing what we do.

If you didn’t already know, we make brilliant marketing simple!