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Here at the Lab, we are very diverse team, no one person is the same as the other. Music for example, if we have the radio on, something will come that one of us can’t stand, but the other likes, and vice versa. There are some overlaps though that we can both agree on.

It is hard to compile a list of only 5 (so since I’m writing this one, I allowed myself some writer’s license 😉 ) but I could have written a list of easily a hundred strong.

Dale’s top 5 favourite bands of all time

  • Taking Back Sunday
  • New Found Glory
  • Blink-182 / Angels & Airwaves / Boxcar Racer
  • Yellowcard
  • Asking Alexandria / Machine Head / Bring Me The Horizon / Funeral For A Friend / Rancid

Chris’ top 5 bands of all time

  • Johnny Cash
  • Green Day
  • Nirvana
  • Oasis
  • Kings Of Leon