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New Sponsorship With Hereford RFC!

Hot off the back of our recent achievements at the Midlands Business Awards, we have a new sponsorship to announce!

First of all, we are extremely excited to become a part of Hereford RFC. Our sponsorship will involve developing the club’s online presence (and processes) to compliment their offline presence. Furthermore, they’re currently playing in Midlands 1 (West). We’re looking forward to working with another one of the county’s successful rugby clubs!

Adding to our fantastic and ever-growing portfolio of sponsorships, we’re looking forward to seeing what we can do for Hereford RFC. They’re already one of the most prominent clubs in Hereford. So, it is an absolute privilege for us to be working with them, adding to the list of awesome clubs we already work with!

From now to the start of the 2019 / 2020 season we’ll be redeveloping their website and improving their online presence. We’ll be making sure that the club leads the way in the Midlands 1 (West) Division. Both with their digital presence. As always, our goal is to help build on what the in-house team of volunteers have already established and set them apart from the other clubs in the league.

The website will be redeveloped in WordPress.

This will enable the site to be updated easier and therefore more quickly. The user-friendly CMS means any one of the web management team at the club can take control at any point. This quick delivery of information will make the website the go-to place for any information, complimenting their already excellent social media presence. The website already receives a good volume of traffic and we want to help the club make the most of this. Having their own site as opposed to an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution they had previously gives them more scope to do as they wish with the website. No limited to what can and can’t be edited and not having adverts not benefitting the club is a bonus.

Tried & Tested

This tried and tested method with Luctonians, Ledbury RFC and Greyhound RFC will be applied at Hereford RFC. Improving web traffic, identifying pages of interest which can be prime advertising real estate for the club. As with any business we work with, the goal is to grow them. Share in their successes and see the club thrive. It’s a team effort and as with Luctonians, we’ll be a small part of a bigger machine working toward a common goal.

We are really looking forward to working with the club!

If we can improve any aspect, even if only slightly, we certainly will. We’ve gained a lot of experience working with clubs of all sizes. We’re extremely passionate about what we do. We’ll make sure everything we do has purpose and above all, an achievable goal.

Furthermore, we are very grateful for this opportunity and have already got stuck in. We have to extend a special thanks to Jo and Spencer for their help making this happen! However, we’re already supporters of the club and now we can’t wait to offer our expertise and help the club digitally as they themselves continue with the excellent range of junior and senior rugby and all the other-off-field work they have already been doing.

We want to see sport at all levels thrive within the county. We’re pretty good at growing businesses and we’re applying this to the clubs we’re supporting. This is all part of our overall goal of making Herefordshire better. We want it to have the most successful businesses, events and clubs. Together we can do this!

Thank you Hereford RFC!