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New Sponsorship with Westfields FC Junior Section!

We are delighted to announce another really cool sponsorship with Westfields FC Junior Section!

Thanks to Rory at Westfields FC, we are now official sponsors of the excellent Westfields FC junior section. We’ve been keen to associate ourselves with the club for a while. Thanks to Rory, we’ll be able to add another awesome club to our ever growing…Portfolio (would we call it that?!) Whatever it’s called, we’re proud to be working with them.

As an avid football fan, Chris is particularly pleased as he’ll know, in his football circles, they are a high-profile club with a LOT of pedigree. Aspiring to develop his own Belmont Wanderers FC to the same levels as Westfields FC, we’ll be well versed in how to build on their success and excellent work they’ve done to date.

MD Chris already works tirelessly to develop football as a whole within the county. Coupled with our marketing insights and his first-hand experience within the football community we’re very excited to be working with such a high profile, established club. As with everything we do, we want to assist in growing the junior section which helps grow the club as a whole. In addition to this we’ll be helping to develop football within Hereford.

How will The DM Lab be supporting the section?

The project will involve developing a standalone website for the junior section. The purpose will be to showcase, recruit and grow the section. Developed in WordPress, we’ll be showing the team how to use and manage the site. We strive to deliver a website that compliments the club so it will be smart, modern and functional.

If you’re thinking that we’re just collecting sponsorships for the sake of it – you’re very wrong. We are so passionate about helping to make every aspect of this wonderful county better. We pick our community endeavours based on the passion we have for it. With a shared passion for football and rugby, we are keen to help develop the clubs within the county.

Midlands Business Awards Finalist

Our recent achievement (we’re not using the term ‘disappointment’) at the Midlands Business Awards has inspired us further. We didn’t ‘do stuff’ to warrant winning ‘Midlands Corporate Commitment to the Community’ – we were recognised for it. One of just four finalists was incredible. We knew quickly we were punching above our weight with the outstanding work the other finalists were able to do. This made us so proud and we have an avid interest in everything we are able to do with The DM Lab. At the same time being careful not to spread the love too thinly. The more successes we have with the business the more we’ll be able to give back to the local clubs we love!

How did we react to not winning the award?

Inspired! No, really! The other companies were able to offer way more than we do. They’re bigger in ever aspect. So, we want to be at that level and put as much as we can back into the things we love – clubs, events and organisations.

Gone off on a bit of a tangent but you can see as this is being written we’re excited and passionate about everything we do and will continue to do. We love it!

Thank you Rory and Westfields FC Juniors!