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Open Grave

There are a lot of decent films out at the moment. How many of you have heard of Open Grave? Starring Sharlto Copley (Murdock – A-Team / Wikus – District 9) this has gone really under the radar in our opinion. We won’t give away the plot but it starts with him waking up in an open grave full of bodies, somebody helps him out and seeks refuge in a nearby house which is full of strangers. All have no memory and the movie follows them all trying to piece together what has happened and what is going on. Couple of good twists and when you finally realise what is going on it takes the movie to another level. It does keep you guessing and there are a number of WTF moments but in soon unravels.

We would definitely recommend a watch, we were really impressed. Similar to Memento, you could almost watch it in reverse and still enjoy it as you see what is happening. The ending was good although you will find yourself shouting ‘pick up the note!’, ‘Read the note!’

open grave