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Our Contributions to the Community

Following the last few years of increased business success, The DM Lab can give even more back to support the community in the city of Hereford.

Our involvements this year have taken a hit, however it is understandable as we concentrate on ensuring the business continues trading first and foremost. But we are passionate grass roots sports fans. As a result of this, we’re partnered with a number of local sports clubs, events and charities before now.

We not only help by exchanging our services for sponsorships, so we are not a financial burden to these ventures, we also sponsor events outright. We sponsored both award ceremonies last year that we won in 2017 to both show our appreciation as winners and to continue to support events that have helped us get to where we are today.

Our involvement locally, both supporting businesses and the community has been recognised with our local parish council. We are working with them to improve the city of Hereford

The dedication we show to these commitments alongside running a business illustrates how passionate we are to be involved. As individuals and with the benefits the company brings to the table. As family men, we immerse ourselves in almost everything the city offers. We get to see them from a professional viewpoint and as an attendee for even better insights in offering our expertise.

The scope within each of our endeavours differs greatly. To deliver the very best service we can often means collaborating with other businesses or professional individuals. Instead of undertaking something we can do (but are not as highly skilled as a professional is) – we work together.

This model works well.

However we have developed new relationships with businesses who most would deem as a ‘competitor’. We want people to be impressed with our work, and our many contacts help us achieve this.

Above all, the more successful the business, the more we’re able to give back to the community. We are big believers in Corporate Social Responsibility. The business supports many charities, sports clubs and events. We’re able to help with their digital presence and we are happy to give up our time to help where we can!

Our work and passion shown in supporting businesses and the community and creating work experience opportunities has been recognised by our local parish council. They are working hard to make the city of Hereford a better place. We are currently working with them to achieve this. We love this city and the people and the businesses in it, so it is a fantastic opportunity for us.

The service we offer is mutually beneficial for both us our recipients.

The degree of success we achieve reflects how much we can support others. More contacts equal more opportunities. The more financial success we achieve, the more we can support. All it costs to us is our time which we’re happy to dedicate.

In conclusion, we have become very well known for our support in the local community. Our current and future success and community involvements are a direct reflection of our clients’ successes and what we achieve for them.