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How We Plan, And Why You Should Care

With all new clients, whatever their reason for contacting us, our first action is to undertake a website audit. Making sure website optimisation is one of the fundamental starting points. Making sure images are appealing. Ensuring navigation is easy. Advising if CTAs are effectively positioned and content is as comprehensive as it can be. Your website and website optimisation is the gateway to successful marketing.

Nothing is left to chance

We ensure the fundamentals are in place so there are no hurdles we need to overcome later on.

Depending on what you want and what your budget is, we plan our actions so there are no nasty surprises we have to lumber you with. We’ll show you exactly what we’ll do, how much it will cost and the time frame involved.

You’re trusting us (and paying us!) to grow your business, so you should care! The best thing is we get so excited about what we’re doing we could bore you for hours with the intricacies of our actions…But you only care about an increase in leads and ultimately sales. If you care about that, care about how we do it! We actively encourage business owners to understand and to some degree have a ‘dabble’ which is why when everything is in place, we’ll offer a dedicated member of your staff on-site training so you can follow what we do and understand the analytics.

We guarantee that pretty soon when you see the reports we send, you’ll be as addicted as we are at checking the analytics!