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The Rainbow Laces Movement

Come out in support and wear Rainbow Laces. Life happens to everyone. We’re all different, but let’s just get along and get on!

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It’s the 21st Century so opinions, orientations and business happens. We are all as individual as each other so let’s accept it and move on.

We play sports, including football and rugby.

Although we are both married (not to each other) and have kids (not each others)! We are open minded and accept that our lives are pretty normal. Not suffering from prejudice or discrimination. We know that some people aren’t accepted because they are different. What’s normal to us isn’t normal to others.

We bought some Rainbow Laces. We are wearing them today. A small show of unity but we are showing our support.

Rainbow Laces

We haven’t come across any LGBT people through our business or in the sports we play. The reason we are getting involved is to let any potential people or sportspeople that it doesn’t matter. We accept it. We’ll welcome you. Don’t let it be a stumbling block for you to get out there and get stuck in.

We want to help make sport everybody’s game. It’s a tiny contribution, but it’s still a contribution nonetheless. Doing whatever we can however small. Just look at what Gareth Thomas has achieved and overcome. He came out as gay in December 2009. The following year he was voted the most influential gay person in the UK in the IoS Pink List and received Stonewall’s Hero of the Year award. An absolute rugby hero.

You can show your support however you want. The Stonewall website has loads of information and ideas. Better still get some Rainbow Laces from their online shop or eBay!

We try to help and support as many charities as we can. We’re proud to support this one as we do any other!