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We’re Running the London Marathon 2020!

As you may already know, we try to be as active as we can in supporting the local community.

Talking about active, leads on nicely on to a really exciting collaboration with Debbie Hobbs and our friends over at the National Autistic Society Herefordshire Branch…

On Sunday April 26th 2020, The DM Lab (Chris and Dale) will be running the London Marathon! We’ll be running it for NAS Herefordshire!

Chris & Dale Running the London Marathon 2020 for NAS Herefordshire

Yep! However, thanks to an amazing opportunity given to us by Debbie, we are committed and in training now ready for it! This all started at the Hereford Skills Show at the beginning of July. Midway through July this happened…

Furthermore, you may know that the team here are pretty active, taking on 5ks, 10k, half marathons and ultra-marathons. However, one distance we have never done as an actual run is a marathon. So, for the London Marathon to be our first actual marathon is both an honour and something we can check off our bucket lists!

In preparation for the London Marathon, we are engaging with the NAS Herefordshire Branch and the Chair, Debbie Hobbs, in joint fundraising activities.

Check out our Just Giving page and we hope that as many people as possible will sponsor us. It won’t be a one-off fundraiser. We’ll be taking part in a number of other organised runs, and our own training runs. This includes a marathon a day for 3 consecutive days in October along the Atlantic Coast.

Furthermore, every event we enter we’ll be wearing our NAS gear and representing the branch. Hopefully striking up conversations and encouraging more funds to be raised as more people hear about the challenge. We are huge supporters of Debbie and her awesome team of dedicated volunteers. Helping out the branch whenever and however we can and have also developed them a really nice website. We wanted to give them something they can be proud of to compliment the work they already do.

National Autistic Society Herefordshire Branch Website

Finally, we’ll be posting up regular updates of our training and events. Hopefully keep you interesting and not irritate / bore you to death! Above all, if you can spare a couple of quid for the National Autistic Society Herefordshire Branch they and we would really appreciate it!

JustGiving Logo for NAS Herefordshire's London Marathon 2020 Fundraising