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SDCC 2015 – Our Highlights

There was so much cool stuff showcased at Comic Con this year, Here is what excited us the most!

5) Fear The Walking Dead

Anything to do with The Walking Dead gets the thumbs up from us, so this back story to the series has our attention……pretty much without even trying!

4) Batman vs Superman

Huge Batman fans, Superman is pretty cool so it will be interesting to see how this movie comes together. There’s a huge story to put into a single movie so we’re expecting it to be packed with everything. Intrigued to see how Ben Affleck’s Batman compares to Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne. I think we speak for every film fan that Bale’ Batman has set the benchmark in Batman: Begins, Batman: The Dark Knight and Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Just to add Henry Cavill’s Superman deserves a shout here – why? His portrayal of Superman has brought a breath of fresh air back into the franchise. For us, anyway!

3) Suicide Squad

This looks very cool. Particularily interested to see Jared Leto’s Joker character. Best portrayal to us of the Joker is by far the late Heath Ledger’s in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. They’re obviously putting a different spin on the Joker here and rather than be sceptical and negative, we’re actually excited to see something different! The rest of the cast / Squad look pretty cool too – shame the release date is soooooo far away!

2) The Walking Dead

We’ve been counting down to Season 6 since Season 5 finished – probablyas every other fan has. Leaving it wide open to all sorts of theories – there is so much that couold happen – but what will happen? Will Negan be introduced? Will Glen die? What impact will Morgan have now he is back with the group? Will the group stay together or will it splinter? Will ‘Jesus’ make an appearance? How about Ezekiel and his pet tiger Shiva? We know it’s only based loosely on the comics but the timelines are pretty similar so we’re REALLY excited about what Season 6 may (or may not!) hold.

1) Deadpool

Ever since X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal of Deadpool – his own movie has been crying out to be made. What’s even more appealing about Deadpool is that it’s more of an adult orientated movie. We’re not saying violence and gore are cool, but mixed with Reynolds’ smart mouth (that we saw glimpses of in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) this would lend its hand perfectly in that sort of movie mixed with a lot of comedy – evident from the leaked trailer. We think that because they haven’t focused on a mainstream audience, instead making Deadpool ‘exclusive’ to an older audience will only add value to the character and hopefully a series of movies. We like what Marvel are doing with Deadpool. Comic book fans, like us, hold Deadpool quite close to our hearts and if you’re going to do something with the character – do it right. From what we’ve seen, they’ve nailed it as usual. Cannot WAIT for this! We were lucky enough to see what was shown at SDCC on YouTube but the vid has since been removed, but trust us when we say – it looks AWESOME!