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Shobdon Food and Flying Festival 2018

Shobdon Food and Flying Festival

This weekend saw the annual Shobdon Food and Flying Festival return to Shobdon Airfield for 2018.

Shobdon Food and Flying Festival Logo

The sun was game for the weekend at least! We had to decide which day to visit and opted for the Sunday. Why? To see the Spitfire and Hurricane…Along with all the other cool stuff. We really wanted to see the Lancaster on the Saturday so opted for twice as many planes with half as many engines! Having heard that the Lancaster suffered mechanical issues up in Liverpool and would be unable to make it at least came as a relief – not sure we could bear missing it!

Shobdon Food and Flying Festival Photos

We took a couple of photos, there was loads going on and with all the cider on offer and the sun – sort of got a bit side tracked! The Spitfire and the Hurricane were a few minutes early and were a real spectacle. They did three passes then were off. The video below doesn’t do them justice but we wanted a ‘souvenir’ so we’re sharing it anyway. Seeing them and hearing them in the flesh is something else! Even the kids (2, 5 & 8 years old) loved it as they were so low and noisy (a beautiful noise though) instead of dots in the sky.

They don’t make ‘em like they used too

With the exception of the Vulcan and the A-10 Thunderbolt II, although the first one terrified the kids! That was noisy but they were at another event! This goes for the beautiful purple Ford Escort that was our pick of the vintage cars. Niiiiiice!

Kids had fun, we ate (Pizza Cones) – all fun and games until you bite in and the tomato sauce burns your mouth (it was too nice to wait for it to cool – my bad)! We drank (copious amounts of locally brewed cider) did some more eating (cakes this time in the refreshments marquee!) and got cooked in the sun.

What more could you ask for?!

Great day out, as always job well done Matt Teale and team, look forward to next year!