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Single Page Websites & Landing Pages


The DM Lab’s ‘Online Advert’ Single Page Websites.

If you own a business, and can’t justify spending a mass of cash on a website you don’t think will be beneficial to your business. How about getting in touch with McTip IT and finding out more about our ‘online advertisement’ packages. Put simply, rather than a full blown website, we offer a bespoke Single Page Website. Design and coded specifically to your needs from scratch (you can add more pages if you require them), hosting and domain name purchase.

Even if you don’t need a website, you need an advert, regardless of format and location. Nearly 90% of a customer’s first port of call is to check out your website, if you don’t have one, then more often than not, they will move on to a competitor who does have one. Can you afford to miss these opportunities and lose out on business? If you can’t, then let us design your online advert, accessible to anyone, anywhere 24/7.

Landing Pages

We will develop your online advert or landing page with the aim to capture data from potential clients, the landing pages will have call to action built into the site. This is the process of driving traffic to a point of sale or sign-up on your page. This may be a product you sell or just a simple newsletter subscription, either way the aim will be to generate leads for your business. Landing pages are also very useful to use alongside a PPC campaign, like Google AdWords or email campaigns, the idea is to use selected ad campaigns to drive the traffic to your landing page and instantly be able interact or by the product. We are also able to manage these types of campaigns for you.

Imagine how much it would cost to advertise in your local paper, and how much it would cost for you to put up your own, omnipresent online advert. It’ll pay for itself, we guarantee you that! We will always design these sites with expansion and management in mind, so if your online advert is proving to be quite a hit, we welcome you into a full blown, all singing, all dancing McTip IT and GraphicsDale web development! We look forward to hearing from you!

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