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The Small Awards – Digital Star Finalist 2020!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve made The Small Awards shortlist for being a ‘Digital Star’!

With everything that’s happening at the moment this is a real positive! We’ve been able to adapt to the circumstances and continue working from home. We know others haven’t been so lucky and we hope you find a way if you are one.

The Small Awards - Digital Star Finalist

Back to the award!

The Digital Star award recognises small businesses that operate only through digital channels. The business will not have a storefront, but use the internet to market, sell, and promote their product or service. The award will celebrate strong use of digital channels to engage customers, innovation in web design and functionality, and growth in audience over time. The business will demonstrate strong understanding of digital engagement and show how they have used this understanding to deliver for their customers.

Customers value our business as the business exists to add value to them, it is brilliant marketing made simple.

The better our clients’ presence, the more leads we generate and the more sales that are made means they go reinvest in our service, increase retainers so we grow together.

We don’t take on clients who are in a similar field to an existing client – simply because we do not want to compete them against one another. We give each client our all, justifying our costs and maximising returns. We’re not just saying this, it’s the truth! This is part of the reason we develop a personal relationship with the client as a result of our passion.

On the flipside, the more successful the business, the more we’re able to give back to the community.

We are big believers in Corporate Social Responsibility, support many charities, sports clubs and events. We’re able to help with their digital presence and we are happy to give up our time to help where we can.

Our work and passion shown in supporting businesses and the community and creating work experience opportunities has been recognised by our local parish council. They are working hard to make the city of Hereford a better place, and we are currently working with them to achieve this. We love this city and the people and the businesses in it, so it is a fantastic opportunity for us.

The service we offer is mutually beneficial for both us and our clients. Our reputation is based on the quality digital marketing service we deliver. Our company slogan is ‘Making Brilliant Marketing Simple’. This is what we do and do it well.

Our current success is built on delivering results through a digital service.

We have built our business around this and will continue to do so. We’ve proven our worth to date since starting in 2010. Our current and future success is a direct reflection of our clients’ successes. Fingers crossed we’ll do enough to win the Digital Star award!