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Our Small Biz 100 Day is 3 Weeks Away!

Our Small Biz 100 Day is 3 Weeks Away!

We’ve met a few clients who have been a little reluctant to optimise their website. Not because they don’t want to, but one horror story they’ve heard is enough to put them off. As a business whose point of existence is to help others, we want to give you an insight into what you can do for yourself initially to help with your marketing and SEO efforts.

It’s incredibly addictive, and we want you to get a feel for what it’s all about. The point of our day is to give you information (for free – no strings attached) to get you started. The idea is that it works for you, you get a buzz and you want to do more. We want to open people’s eyes to effective, brilliant marketing made simple.

There is nothing to lose.

Even if you’re already acquainted with your website’s back end and optimisation. Come along anyway, there might be a snippet of information that you take away which could be invaluable.

We’re not doing this to lure you in to work with us. Rather see what we’re all about and what we can do. We’re looking forward to sharing our knowledge. We are so honoured to have been chosen from 1000s of businesses as 1 of the Small Biz 100 that we want to show our appreciation and support for other businesses.

Come along, even if you don’t like us, not sure about or aren’t local – it’s open to anyone and everyone is welcome. Be a part of our day, support us while benefitting yourself. We promise you’ll take away something from the day – even if it’s just the goody bag or a cake!

Details and timings are on the Eventbrite page, have a look and while you’re there – hit that register button. You won’t regret it!

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