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The DM Lab – A Small Digital Marketing Agency With BIG Ambitions

The DM Lab – A Small Digital Marketing Agency With BIG Ambitions

Well, we’re well into 2018 now and we have already met some great new people and businesses through our agency. We get asked these questions frequently. So here is a little introduction to our digital marketing agency The DM Lab. Where we came from, where we’re at and where we plan on going!

First off, here’s a bit about our current business success…

We began trading in 2010 through a chance meeting and a compulsory redundancy. This was right in the middle of the recession. Since then we have grown steadily year on year. 2017 has been our best year to date. We made substantial profits in the last financial year. This year we are looking to relocate and hire full-time member of staff. Our efforts were recognised last year winning two awards. ‘Growing Business of the Year’ at the Herefordshire Business Awards. MD Chris and the business were recognised at the Sunshine Pride Awards where we won ‘Entrepreneur / Business of the Year’.

We rebranded in 2014 when we identified a gap in the market for good quality, focused marketing. As opposed to seeing it as a ‘bolt-on’ service to website designing. We understand what is needed to successfully market a business well. We have the in-house skills and tools to do this. Year on year we have developed as professionals and strongly believe we are the best at what we do in the local market.

Why this is impressive for our size and compared to any competitors?

We have two full time employees (Chris, Marketing / Managing Director) and Dale (Creative Director). Working from a very small, humble office we offer a service unlike any other in Herefordshire. Our sole focus is digital marketing. Between us we have a plethora of skills at our disposal. Over 80% of our current clients are outside of the county and we continue to gain new clients based on referrals from the clients we work with. Some of these clients are working with multi-million marketing budgets and can be situated anywhere in the world.

We chose not to compete with other more established (but not necessarily better) businesses in Herefordshire.

However as we have grown, we have gained considerable recognition and respect from within the local market. Our accreditations include being a Google Partner, a UKFast Partner, 99Designs multiple winners and being picked as one of three best rated agencies in Hereford. As a micro business we understand the importance of growth and sustainability of other micro businesses to national and multi-national businesses. We grow businesses whatever their size. For us, because of how we operate, means we have collected clients from Europe and the US. All this from our small, Herefordshire based office.

Evidence of our successful business performance…

We have worked with over 100 clients. The capacities vary but we have really good client retention. Continuing to work with many of the clients especially on a marketing basis. We have a 5* rating on both Facebook & Google Reviews. We have a good social media following. All this we work toward potential clients having the confidence to select us over others. Our two awards have really accelerated our performance. At the start of the new year we have several new clients onboard already and are about to (and have) launched several new websites already this year.

As previously mentioned we are a Google Partnered agency, specialising in AdWords & paid search, to even achieve this we have to be working with certain budgets. Our biggest clients are working with marketing budgets of over a million, we help develop and guide them well using this level of online marketing. As well as this we have continually performed for many clients, making sure they hold or grow their market share in search. This is achieved using various types of digital campaigns.

How is this successful business performance is sustainable long term?

We had a very successful 2017 and this has already carried over into 2018. Our client base is expanding at an incredible rate. We are already looking at new premises suitable for our expanding team. Our business growth is based on the success of us growing other business with brilliant marketing. As our clients grow, they continually reinvest, some by hundreds, some by thousands of pounds.

Our customer satisfaction is second to none. All business owners want to develop their brand and of course make money. To do this they need to be at the top of their marketing game. We’re able to undertake and execute what is required to either increase their leads or online presence which in return results in growth and profit. No matter how small their budget when we start our journey together, we aim to increase this budget and therefore increase their spend. This works for us both as crudely put, we make more money as they make more money, organically growing together. So the more successful our client the more successful we are and this is why we get such a buzz and unmatched motivation from what we do.

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